I know it aint easy, but it aint hard trying.

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Hi hello!

I’m Jess :) I'm 19, and welcome to my corner of the internet.

I have a face and sometimes I post photos that can be found if you click here!

Blackcurrant capri suns, musicals and acapella music are the way to my heart.
I like McFly, Glee, The Book of Mormon, Pentatonix and Supernatural stupid amounts & Tom Fletcher and Darren Criss are my heroes.
I'm currently living in London studying creative writing and media studies at Kingston University.

If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am always here. Remember, you’re not alone.

Thanks for joining me in this wierd and wonderful place, be sure to say hi!

Loser(s) like me!

Day Thirty One - Finally, sum up your life story in a paragraph. 

My full name is Jessica Louise Tansley, and I was born in Bradford on 21st September 1994. I’ve lived here all of my life, and I had a really good childhood. when I was 9, McFly were introduced into my life, and I can honestly say that they changed my life. I begun to talk to people that I never would have done beforehand, and its definitely made me a better person. on 26th August 2009, my mum was killed in a car accident, and its pretty much turned my world upside down. the past two years of my life have been spent trying to get adjusted to this new way of living, but I think I’m slowly getting used to my ‘new normal’. In 9 days, I will have officially left compulsory education, and that scares the hell out of me. Glee, Darren Criss & McFly are all some of the things that keep me on top of everything that is going on around me right now, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Day Thirty - Post some pictures of you with the people you love.

Day Twenty Nine - Do you believe in yourself? 

I have my moments where I do, but overall, no. I’ve never been the sort of person to believe in myself, but I’m desprately trying to change that.

Day Twenty Eight - Are you content with your looks? 

no, to put it plainly.

Day Twenty Seven - Tell us about your love life. 

I’m not really that bothered by it, though. :)

Day Twenty Six - Rant about something, anything. 

It annoys me when people are so quick to judge. You don’t know whats going through a persons head. One throwaway comment from you may be the last straw. the person who is seemingly fine and happy on the outside could be clinging on by the edges of their fingertips on the inside. The people who “have it easy” may not at all. The person who you’re laughing at with your group of friends could cry about their lack of self-confidence at night. How do you know? You don’t. None of us know whats truly going on in someone elses mind. Whether it be a stanger you’ve glanced at in the street, or your best friend that you’ve known your whole life, you don’t know whats going on in a persons mind. so what gives you the right to say things about someone you don’t know? Because for all you know, that one little comment might be it. Gone. I know we live in a very judgemental society, but I really think that if people thought before they spoke that the world might be a better place, if only bit by bit.

Day Twenty Five - Write a letter to someone you love. 

Hi, mum.
I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while, things have been pretty hectic. I’m taking my GCSE exams at the moment, how crazy is that?! I’d just picked my options when you left. Even though I complain about it, science was the right option, even though it would have been easier if you were here.
Hows heaven? I hope you’re looking after granddad and fluff and snowy for me. No doubt you’ll have hunted down Luther Vandross and Nat King Cole by now, so please don’t scare them…
Its prom soon! You would LOVE my dress, I genuinely feel like a princess in it. I wish you could have been here when I was trying dresses on, dad was no help. don’t get me wrong, it means the world to me that he came with me, but i don’t know.
also, GUESS WHAT?! I’m going down to london to see Darren in concert! I know, how did I manage to convince dad! I feel that you had some form of part in his decision, so thank you. Genuinely don’t even understand what I’m gonna do. faint, probably…

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing to you. I’m always thinking about you, though. You’re in every single breath, every step, every smile, every syllable, every laugh, every tear; everything. I need you here, mum.
I love you.

Day Twenty Four - Who is your inspiration? 

A number of people for a number of reasons.

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Day Twenty Three - What are your favourite lyrics? 

"You are not your job, and you are not the clothes you wear. You are the words that leave your mouth, so speak up, speak up loud."

- Call Me Ishmael - Get Cape Wear Cape Fly.

Day Twenty Two - 1. Out of everyone in the world, who do you want sat next to you right now? 

My best friends or my mum.

Day Twenty One - If you could live anywehre, where would you live? 

London, probably.

Day Twenty - Who is the best teacher you’ve ever had? 

Mr Clarke, my biology teacher. Hands down.
He has EXACTLY the same sense of humour as me and my friends, & he has the wierdest way of teaching that does genuinely work, but not only that, but he treats us like friends & I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with such a big heart & who is so good at giving advice and listening to people. Talking to him does genuinely brighten up my days, even if he does make lame mcfly jokes, but he is seriously amazing. I mean, what kind of teacher gives out revision lambs and cows?
I’m really, really gonna miss him as my teacher.

Day Nineteen - Show us a picture of when you were a child.

Day Nineteen - Show us a picture of when you were a child.

Day Eighteen - What do you do in your spare time? 

no but seriously, errrrm. Just what any teen does in their spare time, I guess. I like going to concerts & meeting people, alot of my time is spent fangirling over various things, I like photography, I like going shopping with my friends etc., Music is a HUGE passion of mine :)