I know it aint easy, but it aint hard trying.

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Hi hello!

I’m Jess :) I'm 19, and welcome to my corner of the internet.

I have a face and sometimes I post photos that can be found if you click here!

Blackcurrant capri suns, musicals and acapella music are the way to my heart.
I like McFly, Glee, The Book of Mormon, Pentatonix and Supernatural stupid amounts & Tom Fletcher and Darren Criss are my heroes.
I'm currently living in London studying creative writing and media studies at Kingston University.

If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am always here. Remember, you’re not alone.

Thanks for joining me in this wierd and wonderful place, be sure to say hi!

Loser(s) like me!

because I said I was gonna do it on ALL the social networks, so

Here, have some gifs to celebrate

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Also, why would rib call Blaine’s brother cooper 

That’s all kinds of awkward
There’s only one cooper and he’s Ginger and stupidly tall and a bit of a bastard, not matt bomer~

I want to cry because they don’t know I exist.

there there, Cooper. we can crey together
and/or fly to America and track them down

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coopahhh replied to your post: remember that time
I’m adding this to another list titled ‘cool stories’
Shush your face~
We need another list entitled “walking unpopular opinion” and we need to keep a tally of everything we defy

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We played a game called “Which Witchety Grub” at school  

10 white chocolates.
7 are filled with toffee, 3 are filled with tripe.

fucking funniest shit ever omg

coopahhh whispered, "Read that whole thing with a massive grin on my face. I'm happy when you are :3"

and now I have a massive grin on my face. :3

coopahhh whispered, "Dear James Cooper... trololol"

Dear james cooper, you’re a fucking prick and i hate you xoxoxoxoxo

no seriously though

Dear James Cooper,
It makes me happy that we’ve become really good friends and thank you for generally being you because even though i complain and hit you when you stand in the way when I’m trying to get through a door it does actually really cheer me up so yeah, thanks :D Also you’ve never actually judged me for what i like and my ipod selection & very few people have ever done that!

coopahhh replied to your post: I’m so conflicted

guess i’m actually gonna have to listen to FTSK if im going to see them

Yeah, that’d probably help ;D

I suggest woah oh, catastrophe, breakdown, keep on bringing me down and hip hop chick :)

coopahhh replied to your photo: This is still my favourite picture with anyone…

You going to see FTSK at the cockpit?

yep, leeds and manchester :)