I know it aint easy, but it aint hard trying.

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Hi hello!

I’m Jess :) I'm 19, and welcome to my corner of the internet.

I have a face and sometimes I post photos that can be found if you click here!

Blackcurrant capri suns, musicals and acapella music are the way to my heart.
I like McFly, Glee, The Book of Mormon, Pentatonix and Supernatural stupid amounts & Tom Fletcher and Darren Criss are my heroes.
I'm currently living in London studying creative writing and media studies at Kingston University.

If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am always here. Remember, you’re not alone.

Thanks for joining me in this wierd and wonderful place, be sure to say hi!

Loser(s) like me!



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ptxofficial - Another shot by the lovely @jenrosenstein for our#LosAngelesMagazine shoot! ❤️

ptxofficialAnother shot by the lovely @jenrosenstein for our#LosAngelesMagazine shoot! ❤️

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may as well vent before i reach a meltdown which I feel is imminent

I’ve done one of my CW portfolios (except the end of semester reflection thing but thats only 200 words), so I’m glad that got all finished during the semester. My intro to CW portfolio, however, currently has 800 words and it needs to be 2000. And i have no inspiration whatsoever. I think its due in for 2nd May, and has to have at least one example of prose and one example of poetry, but thats the only criteria we have for it. And every single time I sit down to write something I just blank and its so frustrating. Because I got really good marks for first semester, theres a lot of pressure on me, and obv i put so much pressure on myself too. Also we still don’t have our media exam (its a seen paper) which is stressing me out because I was going to structure my revision around it but i obviously i can’t until i have it.

However, its Gavin’s gig next Sunday, and two weeks from today is Pentatonix in Birmingham. Then I have three weeks i think with the CW deadlines in, and then its PTX Manchester, London, my media exam and then that night is PTX Oxford which I’m really excited for. Theeeeen on that Sunday we’re going to see PTX in Dublin and I’ve never been to Ireland so thats fun!

I try not to focus on concerts etc but i think its gonna help me through all my revision. When I get back to uni it will be Lucy’s birthday so we’re hopefully gonna lottery tbom or something too which i’m excited for!

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so last night we were all fiiiiinally reunited and we went to Kebabeesh which we weren’t too sure about when booking but its probably one of the best restaurants i’ve been to!

& not to be sappy (((totally being sappy))) but fuck, i just love my best friends. They instantly make me feel so happy and safe when I’m around them and it was like we’d been apart 10 minutes and not four months. I can’t even explain how much i miss them when i’m at uni :(

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So for those who don’t know, in September I started up a vlogging channel which I use as a kind of ‘week in the life’ channel to document me moving to London for university. I also kind of started the channel with the intention of vlogging the PTX European tour.

So this was my experience with the UK leg of it! :) It includes some videos I haven’t uploaded before, so I hope you all enjoy!

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what the fuck man

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"The world isn’t sad, it’s funny! I’m a sociopath!"

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"We had some real teachers as well, we had humans, it weren’t all nuns."

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For ethiad stadium, manchester.

I’m dumb as hell and booked flights on the same day as the gig, and as a result have these two tickets to sell. 

I’m asking for £105 for the pair, which is what I paid face value. If you could reblog and spread the word for me then that would be great!

A massive happy birthday to the best comedian, sweet seller, taxi driver, chef and friend in the world, my dad ☺️💕

A massive happy birthday to the best comedian, sweet seller, taxi driver, chef and friend in the world, my dad ☺️💕

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There was a new vlog this week!!!!!!

Seeing jersey boys, the book of mormon, all time low and the voice festival semi finals/finals :D one of my fave vlogs

last night was the last show of Peter Pan. Now officially watched like 12 runs of it so i’m in this wierd limbo of not ever wanting to hear the music again and not wanting it to end. Sounds stupid but i’m fairly proud of myself for this week because i’d literally never stepped foot near a sound desk in my life before this week and last night there was a massive problem with one of the mics so Joel had to go and swap mic packs which left me to man one of the most difficult songs which requires a lot of changing of levels etc. which scares the shit out of me even when he’s there, but even though i was panicky i did it!

I miss the music department SO much, although at the same time whenever we go back its like we never left so thats really nice. also we kept up the last night tradition of getting face paint done and this time we had pirate scars!


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Black Skinhead - Kanye West

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